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There's No Place Like Home!

Summit Behavioral Services
In-Home ABA Support

Proudly serving the greater

Kansas City area and Wichita, KS!

Our dynamic in-home ABA therapy services are designed to provide support where your learner is most comfortable and when it's most convenient for your family. With programs focused on strengthening a wide range of skills like communication, social interaction, and self-care, we are here to collaborate with families and together, empower individuals to live their most independent and full lives!

Find out more about our in-home services below

Natural Environment: Learning takes place in the individual's familiar surroundings, making it easier to generalize skills to real-life situations.

Increased Comfort: Being at home creates a more comfortable and less intimidating environment for the individual, leading to better engagement.

Family Involvement: Parents and caregivers actively participate and receive training, allowing them to reinforce skills and strategies beyond therapy sessions.

Generalization: Skills learned at home are more likely to transfer to other settings and social interactions.

Behavior Management: Provides opportunities to address challenging behaviors in real-time and develop effective strategies for managing them.

Flexible Scheduling: Sessions can be scheduled to accommodate the individual's routine and preferences.

Life Skills: ABA therapy can easily target essential life skills, such as self-care, hygiene, and household tasks, to promote greater independence.

*ABA therapy is always tailored to meet the needs of the individual receiving support.


During the first in-home ABA therapy sessions, our team is all about building connections and understanding needs.


We will spend time getting to know an individual and their family by discussing goals, preferences, and concerns. The BCBA will also gather information through an initial assessment regarding current skills, communication abilities, and any behaviors that need to be addressed. 


The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) will be introduced and begin building rapport with the individual by engaging in activities that are enjoyable, paying close attention to their cues, interests, and emotions. The therapist respects boundaries and preferences, allowing the individual to gradually become more comfortable with their presence.


Once solid rapport has been established, in-home ABA therapy sessions become more focused on implementing targeted interventions and strategies.

The RBT, guided by the BCBA, will work on the goals outlined in the treatment plan, aiming to teach and reinforce specific skills while addressing challenges. Therapists use techniques like positive reinforcement, modeling, shaping, and fading to help reach these goals.

Regular data collection and analysis helps us track progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed. Sessions will continue to be personalized, with the therapist adapting their approach as the the individual's skills and goals evolve.

ABA therapist working with a child in a home setting


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