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Effective professional development opportunities are critical to providing successful educational services to students.  With more than thirty years of experience in the fields of education and behavior, the professional development team at Summit Behavioral Services offers a variety of engaging, practical trainings and workshops for educators and others who work with children.  


Whether your district is needing information on the basics of behavior or training on providing more intensive verbal behavior programming for students, Summit Behavioral Services is ready to design a professional development opportunity specific to the needs of your district.



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The Science of Behavior: Behavior Principles and Application to the School Setting

In order to design and implement effective individualized behavior supports and programs, school teams must have a shared working knowledge of the principles of behavior.  This ½ day training is designed to provide educators with an understanding of behavior basics and how those concepts apply to the school environment.  This workshop is strongly recommended as a foundation for all other trainings.


Creating Intensive ABA Based Verbal Behavior Programs for Students with ASD and Other Language/Learning Challenges (Bootcamp)

This intensive 3-day training will provide participants the opportunity to learn skills necessary to design and implement evidence-based programs for students with autism and other developmental disorders which are grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis and emphasize the acquisition of verbal behavior (language) repertoires.  Concepts covered will include basic principles of ABA, errorless teaching and error correction procedures, the verbal operants, data collection, and programming based on verbal behavior assessments.  Participants will also learn the critical importance of teaching students how to ask (mand) for what they want/need and how to incorporate mand training into their students’ programs. Participants will be required to complete written pre/post-tests, demonstrate teaching procedures, accurately complete data collection procedures, as well as orally define ABA terms.
**This 3-day training is a prerequisite to the additional trainings listed below.


Advanced Protocol Training

Follow-Up Trainings to Bootcamp!

This 2-day training will teach participants how to take knowledge and skills learned in the “bootcamp” to expand the language repertoires of students.  Instructional protocols for advanced language concepts such as tacting actions, pronouns, and prepositions, multiple component tacts, tacting by feature/function/class and advanced listener responding skills will be covered.  For each instructional protocol, corresponding error correction and data collection systems will be covered.  Training components will include written pre/posttests, oral competencies and skill competency checks of teaching protocols.
Participants must have attended the 3-day boot camp training.

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