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Frequently Asked Questions
About In-Home Services

Is an autism diagnosis required to receive services?

An autism diagnosis is required by most insurance companies for coverage of ABA services. If we provide services via private pay then we do not require a diagnosis, as long as our initial assessment proves medical necessity for services.

What age range do you provide support for?

We work with clients of all ages, from age 2 up to adulthood


Do you provide autism testing and diagnosis?

Summit Behavioral Services does not provide testing or diagnostic services. For a list of providers, view our resource list here
Can therapy be done remotely?

Yes, if the individual’s insurance plan covers telehealth. This is determined early on through our insurance verification process

How long do therapy sessions last?
At minimum, 2 hours. Sessions do not have a maximum time limit

Can the family participate in sessions?
Definitely! Family participation is encouraged. However, 1:1 therapy with the implementer is also critical in order to build/maintain rapport and a good instructional relationship.

What qualifications does your team have?
Insurance requires therapists to be certified as Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs).  This certification is given when a therapist completes 40 hours of coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis, passes an assessment with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and passes the RBT Exam. In schools and for private pay, not all therapists are certified as RBTs but they receive ABA training.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) supervise the RBTs on a weekly basis and provide feedback and training on all protocols and targets. They conduct the assessments and re-asses clients every 6 months, write the treatment plans and monitor progress of the child and modify changes to treatment based on progress. BCBAs are required to have a master’s degree or PhD in ABA, psychology, or a related field. In addition to that, they complete certification coursework, a minimum of 2000 hours of experience, and pass the BCBA exam.


Everyone on our team have must have current Basic Life Support certification and have passed two background checks.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes! We accept almost all insurance companies. We will verify that your insurance company is accepted upon initial contact

How flexible is scheduling?
Very flexible! We are available whenever support is needed- daytime, after school, evenings up to bedtime and weekends!

Will our family need to purchase anything for sessions?
No-Our staff will utilize materials that are readily available to complete therapy when required. If additional materials are needed, our team is able to purchase those items.

For additional questions, feel free to contact us here

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