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While every learner's session will look a little different, below you will find all the main components that make up our days at SCCD!

Summit Center for Child Development reception area


We utilize a car line drop-off system where therapists assist learners into the building from vehicles. Once inside, they practice a morning routine of putting their belongings in their cubby, their lunch in the fridge, and spending some time socializing, playing, and getting acclimated.  

Classroom Time

After getting settled, most learners will go to their work table with their therapist and spend some time working on current goals, as well as maintaining goals they have already met. These work sessions are short, fast-paced, and involve a lot of reinforcement! Throughout the session learners will return to their classrooms to continue working in this way.

ABA therapy at Summit Center for Child Development
Playground at Summit Center for Child Development


After several run-throughs at their table, learners will take longer breaks doing activities that they choose. This could be going out to the playground, asking a peer to play a game, riding bikes in our play room- whatever they are interested in! Their therapist is always there to support them with communication, social interactions, gross and fine motor skills, and more.

Non-Contingent Play

It is worth noting that our learners do not have to earn all of their play time or access to the things they enjoy. Our aim is to keep them happy, relaxed, and engaged, and we always keep in mind that they are kids! Play is learning, so we make sure that they have plenty of opportunities

to do so freely.

Child playing with a bead rollercoaster toy
Summit Center for Child development PE


Throughout the week we have different group times for our learners like circle time, art, and PE/obstacle course. These activities give our learners opportunities to follow group instruction,

practice skills they are learning, and have fun together!


Learners have snack times at their individual tables and lunch in the kitchen with their peers. Therapists are able to work on feeding goals and all learners practice routines like getting their lunchbox from the fridge, washing hands, and cleaning up when they're finished.

Summit Center for Child Development kitchen
young boy holding a roll of toilet paper


Depending on where a learner is with their toilet training journey, therapists will either take them to the restroom on a schedule (including for diaper/pull-up changes) or when they request to go. We often complete potty training programs and work with families to transfer these skills to home!


Throughout the year we offer fun activities as much as possible! We organize water play days, a fall festival, holiday parties, and arrange for things like visits from community helpers, music therapists, and even animals!

A child's hand reaching for water balloon at Summit Center for Child Development's water day
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