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A little boy smiling during ABA therapy in a pre-k clinic setting
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Helping individuals with
diverse learning needs
fulfill their greatest potential


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Our field division offers supports for individuals, both in their home and their community, that are focused on stabilizing behaviors and teaching various skills to be successful in these environments. We also provide support and trainings in local school districts to ensure students can successfully participate in the classroom.

Summit Center for Child Development (SCCD) offers a natural preschool-like setting in which we provide children with diverse learning needs intensive early intervention to promote communication, social, and play skill growth.

Our Summit Achievement Centers are private schools for students in need of short-term, outside placement in order to stabilize behavior and learn the necessary skills to successfully transition back to their home district. Districts receive thorough in-district training and support during the transition.

Effective implementation of evidence-based instruction requires specific skill sets. Summit Behavioral Services' professional development team offers a formal portfolio of training programs for school districts and other entities seeking meaningful training and follow-up support within their own agency.

At Summit Behavioral Services we value our staff and know that people who are valued and taken care of, perform at a higher level. We consider our teams to be the best in the business. We offer many compensation perks including paid vacation, health, dental, vision and life insurance, 401k and more. Above all, we can boast one of the highest retention rates in the industry; evidence that our staff are as committed as we are to them. For more information about employment, contact us.




​Having grown up in a rural area of southwest Missouri, Dan Matthews, founder of Summit Behavioral Services, understands how limited support services can be outside of urban areas. After earning both his undergraduate and master's degrees in Special Education, Dan became a BCBA while working as an intensive home interventionist. He was passionate about using this experience working in homes and partnering with area school districts to decentralize standard service delivery models and create more local and rural home and site-based services. In 2010, he founded Summit Behavioral Services, and eventually it grew to become the largest field-based ABA provider in Kansas City, maintaining a solid reputation for achieving results and supporting hundreds of families across several states. Two years later, recognizing that there was still a huge need for early and intensive intervention, Dan and his team opened Summit's first ABA clinic-Summit Center for Child Development. SCCD, now in operation for over 10 years, successfully prepares young children for their school years by teaching language, social, and behavioral skills. Many students have left the center and entered typical kindergarten classrooms, many with significantly improved skills and less need for ongoing support. In 2015, Summit Behavioral Services opened their first Achievement Center campus in North Kansas City; the first of three private schools approved as placements by the Missouri and Kansas departments of education. This was followed by a second campus in Olathe, Kansas, (2017), and a third in Blue Springs, Missouri (fall of 2021). The mission of the Achievement Centers is to build evidence-based, individualized programs that support social, academic, and life skills, so that students can achieve their highest potential. The schools have been an overwhelming success, with dozens of students completing our program and transitioning back to a less restrictive and more enriching program in their own districts. Today, Summit Behavioral Services serves approximately 40 districts and hundreds of families all over Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and beyond. We continue to build small, private schools closer to the communities surrounding Kansas City, so that children can learn social and academic skills in their own communities, with familiar places and people. We are a leading employer of BCBAs, skilled behavior technicians, and teachers. Many of our staff have been with our company for 5-10 years or more, evidence that Summit values their staff and knows that the quality of our company, our services, and our reputation is entirely based on the excellent providers we hire and train. Our team is beyond proud to support families in the Kansas City metro and beyond. We plan to continue to grow, adapt, and innovate in order to continue providing the very best behavioral services and supports in the region.

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